We’re a family firm spanning two generations of experience and learning. From beginnings in rural Southland the principals recognised the potential in the wakatipu basin.

A three-person operation was established in Queenstown in 2000 to service a growing demand for high quality repairs and turnaround in the fast-moving resort.

It wasn’t long before the service gained an enviable reputation and expansion followed, first into larger premises on the existing site and steadily across the road in a large space, taking up an entire corner of the area’s biggest industrial park.

What began as a one-man operation now runs with a 17-strong team of specialist craftsmen across all vehicle repair disciplines.

Equipment has also been kept well abreast of industry demands and Queenstown Collision Centre can claim the most comprehensive and sophisticated suite of automated and computerised procedures for hundreds of kilometres.

As a result efficiencies have been refined to a point where smooth throughput means weekend work is only an occasional necessity.

And that’s no accident in a company based on simple values, where the fact that everybody has time to enjoy their own families is an imperative.

Just like it always has been.



  • Wayne Paul

    +64 (0)3 441 4416

    35 years in the industry
    15 years running Queenstown Collision Centre

    "We aim to deliver what we promise, on time, on budget and always to the highest standard. It's that simple."

  • Chris Gibson

    +64 (0)3 441 4429

    30 years in the industry
    12 years with Queenstown Collision Centre

    "It's busy here. We repair a lot of vehicles and that could only happen by working as a team. So that's what we do, and I guess that's why we still get so many vehicles to repair."

  • Scott Garmonsway

    +64 (0)3 441 4457

    21 years in the industry
    3 years with Queenstown Collision Centre

    "There's a lot goes on here. A lot of work, a lot of listening, a lot of learning and a lot of sharing. The result is a lot of happy customers. And that's a good feeling."