Our System

Successful vehicle repair demands a formula that answers ever client need. It’s always underpinned by quality workmanship, knowhow, experience and finesse, but it can’t happen without efficiency.

Over the years we’ve learned that making the entire process fluid, ensuring every job transition is smooth and keeping the line moving are vital. Our solution was to start with the right premises, making sure each repair stage offered perfect work space and the most relevant technology to suit our wide-ranging needs.Client vehicles travel in a wide arc that takes them from initial check-in to fully detailed sign-off via a pristine track through state-of-the-art applications.

We had to give it a name and as what it does is ‘Continuous Line Every Vehicle Efficiently Repaired’… we call it ‘CLEVER’.

..but only because ‘commonsense’ Doesn’t sound professional enough!Floor Plan

Yellow is strip and assemble removing and fitting of parts, green is body repairs repairing panel, welding on new panels, chassis repairs electronic measuring, pink is paint preparation priming and preparing panels for painting, blue is paint refinishing mixing, matching colours and applying paint and purple is polish and grooming for final pickup.


Modern vehicle repair systems have their place… in our workshop!

Continual analysis of our work and client demands plays a huge part in the provision of the equipment we choose. It means our specialised staff can combine their skills and knowhow with the very best high-tech tools for each job.


PPG paint

Our Gear

We have a wide range of quality tools at our desposal here at Queenstown Collision Centre:

Auto robot chassis beds
Auto robot 4×4 jig.
Auto robot Manuel measuring system.
Caroliner electronic 3D measuring
Gas and mig welders
Mig brazing welder
Inverta spot welder
Headlamp beam setter
Infra red paint curing
Dustless vacuum systems
Heated full down draft prep bay
One standard size spray bake oven
One larger size spray bake oven of smaller commercial vehicles PPG water Bourne paint system 5S workstations Electronic planning system Autoquote quoting system Spectro-electronic colour matching.