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Body Work
Paint Prep
Polish & Grooming
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Successful vehicle repair requires a formula that answers every client's needs.

Over time Queenstown Collision Centre has refined the vehicle repair process to create a fluid, efficient and cost-effective system. Each repair stage offers the perfect workspace and the most relevant technology suited to the varied needs of our clients, starting with the initial check-in through to a fully detailed sign-off (via a pristine track, through state-of-the-art applications).

Queenstown Collision Centre are registered vehicle repairers for all major insurance companies.

Before you book in for your repairs you will need to make a claim with your insurer or insurance broker. It is best to undertake this step as soon as possible after the incident has occurred since some insurers have a time limit within which you must notify them of the incident, it also ensures that the incident is easily recalled and you are able to answer any questions your insurer may have. 

From here your insurer will walk you through their process this may vary slightly from insurer to insurer, in most cases, however, your insurer will check your policy to confirm you are entitled to claim for the incident and for small claims such as broken windscreens, windows or damaged lights, a claim form may not be required. 

Your insurer will review the repairs needed with you, and in most cases agree with you who the repairer will be, at this point you will be issued a claim number. Once you have a claim number we can take care of the rest of the process for you. We will work directly with your insurer to confirm the repairs needed, undertake any administration and organise payments and billing. 

Our team will keep you up to date on the repair process, and provide you with an estimated date of completion. (Depending on the seriousness of the claim your insurer may want their expert claims assessor to take a look at the vehicle, most often this is undertaken on the repairer’s premises in which case your insurer will also make arrangements to have your vehicle towed to the repairer’s location. The insurer and repairer will then come to an agreement on the cost of repairs and work will commence)

Modern vehicle repair systems are integrated into our workshop environment and as a part of our ongoing education we maintain continual analysis of our work, as well as client demands in the consideration of the technology and equipment we choose, this means our specialised staff can combine their skills and experience with state of the art tools and equipment to give our clients the best outcome every time without compromise.

  1. Strip and assemble removing and fitting parts.
  2. Body repairs, repairing panels, welding on new panels, chassis repairs and electronic measuring.
  3. Paint preparation priming and preparing panels for painting.
  4. Paint refinishing mixing, matching colours and applying paint.
  5. Polish and grooming for final pickup.

Because taking care of the environment is important to us, we only use the highest quality PPG waterborne paint products in our workshop (No nasty solvents). We have also invested in and implemented recycling systems throughout our workshop and office space.

Queenstown Collision Centre offers quality maintenance and repair service options, whether you require wheel alignments or paint protection services such as cutting and polishing, dent and scratch removal, touch-ups, rust proofing and rust removal our team of specialists offer a wide range of ongoing services. If you are interested in learning more about our full range of ongoing services please contact us on 03 441 4416  or feel free to message us.

Our Equipment

  • Car-O-Liner Speed
  • iBodyshop
  • Diagnostic scanning tool
  • Car-O-Liner electronic 3D measuring
  • Gas and mig welders
  • Car-O-Liner Quick 42 chassis alignment
  • Mig brazing welder
  • Inverta spot welder
  • Headlamp beam setter
  • Infrared paint curing
  • Dustless vacuum systems
  • Heated full down draft prep bay
  • One standard size spray bake oven
  • One larger size spray bake oven of smaller commercial vehicles 
  • PPG waterborne paint
  • Degas/Regas air conditioning
  • System 5S workstations
  • Planning plus system
  • PDR paintless system
  • Spectro-electronic colour matching

Latest Technology & Equipment

We pride ourselves on maintaining up to date equipment and repair technology to aid in workshop quality, productivity and time efficiency.

Valet & Detailing

Require a valet service? Let our team know upon booking and we can arrange to pick up and drop off your vehicle at your convenience. We also offer our clients the option of a full grooming service so your car may be returned to you in peak condition.